Splicing Kits & Fasteners

Splicing Kits & Fasteners

way that they meet highest industry standards.

Splice Kits:

  • Are marked and labeled for the purpose of identification and accurate delivery.
  • Carry all the equipment and materials that have been wrapped individually and packed for securing the content from environment. The wrapped solvents and solutions are marked from the outside very clearly to declare them hazardous substances.
  • Carry all the Cover Rubber Compounds from Skim ad that are measured properly and then cut to right size for ensuring minimal wastage and easy use.
  • Carry all the solvents and solutions that can be readily applied, including manufacturer’s instructions and paint brushes.
  • Have all necessary finger rubber that is tested in the lab and then cut in appropriate sizes to ensure maximum service and shelf life.
  • Have the entire list as well as copies of data sheets related to chemical material safety.
  • Carry release paper that is cut in appropriate size and can easily be applied.
  • Contain gloves that are chemical resistant.
  • Carry leno fabric role which is rubber coated and is protected using plastic against contamination and waste.

Mechanical Belt Fasteners

We provide best in class mechanical fasteners and have an entire range of products suited for all types of industry.

The product list includes:

Extra light-duty fasteners

  • Anchor Carded Hook Fasteners
  • G-Series Lacing Systems
  • Anchor Tiebar Hook Fasteners
  • Clipper Hook Fasteners
  • Accessories and Installation Tools

Light-Duty Fasteners

  • Alligator Lacing Fasteners
  • Alligator Ready-Set Staple Hinged Fasteners
  • Alligator Spiral Lacing
  • Installation Tools & Accessories

Medium-Duty Fasteners

  • Rip Repair Fasteners
  • Solid Plate Fasteners
  • Bolted Hinged Fasteners
  • Rivet Hinged Fasteners
  • Heavy Staple Hinged Fasteners
  • Accessories and Installation Tools

Skiving an Belt Cutting Equipment

  • Tools needed for Electric Belt Cutting
  • Tools necessary for manual cutting of the belt
  • Manual Tools For Belt Skiving