Idlers & Rollers

Conveyor Idlers, Underground Structures And Frames

Rubberline is known for designing as well as manufacturing wide ranging rollers that are suitable for every application. We provide conveyor products that are engineered at their best for material handling.


At Rubberline, we have an ever growing and extensive range of the roller products that are designed for underground as well as surface applications. We provide you with roller products that can be used interchangeably with different conveyors that are used already in Australian market. We provide top quality design and assure our clients that their chosen products will definitely fit their exact purpose. We also have steel rollers in stock that are subject to your specific requirements. We are the roller provider of choice in the Australian as well as International markets.

Component Design Optimization

Rubberline makes use of their custom software for idler design in the bid to maximize speed and accuracy of design and production. With the help of Finite-Element Analysis and 3D CAD software, we optimize component design as well as selection process while making sure that maximum flexibility is maintained.

Rollers Life Cycle

Even though initial capital required for rollers is usually the single commercial consideration when it comes to buying new product, it is important to consider the cost of entire lifecycle.

There is some cost associated at each stage in the life of the roller. It could be anything from initial capital costs to running and downtime costs besides the cost of replacement and disposal.

We can collaborate with the site operations for synergizing these processes as well as helping in reduction of total cost of the roller. Rubberline designs especially for the site conditions; therefore, the Rollers we provide aren’t under engineered or over engineered. This maximizes the running efficiency of the product and it consumes less power.