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We provide an extensive range of quality sourced products, from both local and international suppliers, thus ensuring that we are able to provide you with the best possible solution to that task at hand.

Conveyor Belt


Being able to select the right Conveyor Belt for any particular application is essential.
With our expertise knowledge, we can confidently provide you with the best possible solution for you business requirement.
The conveyor belts in which we source incorporate:

      • Multi Ply Conveyor Belting of 2, 3, 4 and 5 ply. Belting ply and widths are available on request. May be used in all applications. Multiply conveyors are low maintenance, cost efficient, flexible and reliable.
      • Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt, useful in transferring powdery materials such as limestone, sand, gravel and cement.
      • Rough-Top Belting. With the mesh-like patterned top cover makes this type of belting an excellent choice for moving light weight goods or fragile items. Rough-Top can be used for inclined or horizontal conveyor setups.


      • Cut Edge Transmission / Package Handling Belt. Ideally used within the agricultural field or for light duty application.
      • Sidewall Conveyor Belt. Popular in transporting heavy material loads at an inclined angle.
      • Multi-V Conveyor Belt. Specially designed with moulded cleats to adequately transfer free-flowing material.
    • Chevron Conveyor Belt. This belt is fitted with different profile moulded cleats, making Chevron Belts ideal in conveying materials on steep angles, where load spillage and roll back is likely to occur.


    • Round Top Long Leg Screen Capping Rubber. This Capping Rubber has been design to be used on bars in vibrating screens. It is made from a high quality rubber that is designed for protection and is impact resistant. (Please see image opposite for internal dimensions). Capping Rubber is available for purchase in 20mtr rolls.


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