Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyor Maintenance

Even though Rubberline isn’t responsible for your conveyor belt maintenance, we still offer lots of different mechanical services which help in refining the operating environment of your conveyor. Whether it is cleaning the system supply or doing cleaner audit, our especially trained technicians render their services for ensuring best performance of belt cleaning system, regardless of the OEM. The ticketed boilermakers and fitters can take care of issues that you may be facing with skirting system as well besides working for the completion and refurbishment of pulley or any other lagging requirements. Contact Us to discover more. Click here to discover more about Flexco belt fasteners and cleaners.

Mechanical Services

We have evolved in mechanical services area and encompass wide ranging services now.

Some of the generic activities include

  • Inspection/Reporting
  • Installation of Belt Cleaner and its Maintenance
  • Replacements of Frame and Conveyor Roller
  • Adjustment and replacement of skirt
  • Tracking/Alignment

We’ve expanded our services for encompassing holistic approach for maintenance of conveyors and these expanded services include:

  • On-site Maintenance
  • Change out and repairs of Conveyor Pulley
  • Installation as well as maintenance of Impact Bed
  • Modifications and Repairs of Chute
  • Maintenance of Lanyard System
  • Fabrication
  • Complete Maintenance Services For Conveyors

We have highly qualified and trained coordinators as well as maintenance personnel have all the necessary equipment and can attend any shutdown maintenance job across sites of our customers. Our fully equipped and specialized vehicles are ever ready for completing all tasks as may be required on site.

Conveyor Refurbishment

Our Conveyor refurbishment services include:

  • Used belting inspection as well as reporting
  • Properly using all the acquired information for repairing and recycling the belting effectively to offer modified application or longer serviceability
  • New belting pre-works for preparing ends or creating bigger endless lengths of belt for saving time in the installation process
  • Inspecting belting issues and identifying casual factors

Technical Services

Isn’t just Conveyor System maintenance enough for you, we offer wide ranging services for providing assistance in initial design as well as predictive maintenance like:

  • Conveyor Design
  • Inspections of conveyor belt and automatic reporting that includes summary of the results to show area that require immediate attention
  • Mapping service for conveyor belts
  • Financial reports related to Whole Life costs as well as $/ton in which details of areas requiring high expenditures are highlighted
  • Non-destructive tests that incorporate predictive details for the life of Conveyor Belts that help with planning of the change outs as well as maintenance budgeting for Conveyor Belts
  • QA for independent splicing
  • Belt pull estimates for ensuring safe as well as controlled Conveyor Belt installation

High Integrity Splicing

This splice is designed for replacing conventional Step Splice which has been the industry standard for more than 100 years. Our new splice is gaining popularity as revolutionary solution as far as extending the life of Conveyor Belt is concerned. It reduces production downtime as well as replacement and maintenance costs. Our high integrity splice is designed with better compound technology and is responsible for longer life of splice as compared to step splices.

After continuous untimely step splice failures on the American Uslfex belts and Australian ‘dirty side drive’ belts with high tension, Rubberline now makes use of latest in technology for developing High Integrity Splice which would make old splice technology a redundant one.

Splice Table

The new splicing table is a revolution is underground splicing for the Xstrata Coal. It makes splicing quicker, simpler and safer.

The new portable, purpose-designed splicing table makes thing simpler when it comes to underground splicing and the shutdown times are slashed down significantly. After evaluating for six months, zero injuries have been recorded the crews didn’t lose any time while using these tables.

14 meter inserts were completed by the work crews inside 24-hours window by using couple of tables for one job. That’s certainly far better than 36-hours downtime that was needed by old system.

Better Safety

We transport complete unit to the site:

  • Machinery operations are minimized in work area – forklift is required just at start and the end of job.
  • Safe work station
  • Adjustable for safety working processes
  • Can easily leveled on all surfaces
  • Only couple of men needed for assembling and operating
  • Light bias pieces for easy assembling with less manpower
  • Offers cleaner work area because belt is kept off ground

Other Benefits

  • Interchangeable, for matching any presses
  • Built specifically for the job
  • Easy transportation in one unit using fork lifting points present on ends and sides
  • In-built belt clamps
  • Interchangeable bias pieces that you can turn over

Service Contracts

At Rubberline, we are industry leaders in providing labor, equipment and materials needed for carrying out conveyor maintenance jobs in the mine sites.

  • We have developed our philosophy to meet the requirements of our customers for ensuring that the equipment is maintained at its best. We make full use of our knowledge as well as safety and quality systems.
  • We have ISO 9001:2000 accredited quality systems and have wide experience in servicing and installation of the conveyor belting.