Conveyor Pulleys

Conveyor Pulleys


At Rubberline we provide top quality conveyor pulleys for mining industry that meet the highest industry standards and are in accordance with the design parameters set by our customers.

Besides making initial conveyor pulleys supply, we have the capability to complete all the maintenance activities whether off-site or onsite. We have developed mechanical services area that offers entire pulley management services. It covers services like condition monitoring for currently running pulleys as well as managing rotable spare pulleys for ensuring that spares cover all the areas, and that the pulleys that have been changed out return to site in fully refurbished form and are ready to service.

Our onsite Pulley services include:

  • Change-out and the replacement of entire pulley
  • Blasting as well as relagging of Pulleys
  • Bearing replacement for pulleys

As for off-site pulley services we provide:

  • Full overhaul
  • Pulley inspection
  • Replacement of bearing assembly and its analysis
  • Replacement of shaft and the locking element
  • Complete NDT services
  • Protective coatings and painting

Pulley Lagging

We provide Rubber and ceramic lagging that suits Insitu or factory linings. Our products, whether they are Cold lined or Hot lined, are proven for their long life.