Company Capacity


Experience and Performance

All our conveyor services concentrate on attaining the highest return on investment for our customer’s resources. All our processes are geared towards the highest standards of safety, peak plant condition and functioning, minimal interruption and extending the lifecycle of our customer’s plant and of course, their cost savings. Unplanned breakdowns or other major maintenance, can mean every hour of disruptive equipment downtime, is costing our customers lost revenue. We pride ourselves on getting our Customer’s equipment back up and running as soon as possible, so they can get on with what they do.

With our depth of experienced managers, technicians and trade assistants, we have the capacity to undertake new project sites and carry out effective and efficient maintenance service under long-term contracts and arrangements.

Using modern equipment and the latest technological processes, our workshops are equipped to provide a large range of conveyor component maintenance and material supply.

Human Resources

Rubberline has always had ambitious targets. This applies to our company as a whole, to our management team as well as to each individual employee. Rubberline provides a wide range of measures that support our employees in their professional targets and development. Motivation by dedication and high level of commitment of the employees, are a result of the employees high responsibility for their own work and the trust Rubberline places in the employees.

Rubberline has developed an integration process to support our new employees in their initial phase through training and intensive guidance. Within their first few days on the job, all new employees participate in our tailored induction program.

The main objectives of this program are to raise enthusiasm and successfully integrate new employees into the Rubberline family. The program consists of 4 modules encompassing product training, IT training, company information and department-specific training.

Well-structured schedules with individual training courses aid our newcomers in becoming prepared for their role and familiarise them both with their teams and company structure at an early stage.

Training and Education

Continuous education and professional development of our employees is our top priority. With that in mind, we challenge and assist our employees, offering external training courses and advanced education courses within our company. Our goal is to organise the personal development of every single employee according to their individual needs and responsibilities.

Employee interviews and target agreements

The annual employee and feedback interviews focus on performance and development of all involved. The development measures are agreed individually between Manager and employee. They are a good basis for setting or achieving additional qualifications or experience within the professional arena.
For a successful and long-term implementation of our company strategies, we are carrying out an annual target agreement process with our management. On the basis of individual target agreement meetings, we ensure the implementation of the company strategy in all the Rubberline Group companies in the form of activities and measures.

Our Personnel Strategy

With the increasing growth of the Rubberline Group, within the context of our international strategy, we will further expand our methods for personnel acquisition, retention and development for the future. The professional further development of our training and the well-structured succession planning, are some examples. Our primary target is to meet the changes of work requirements and activities in our company as well as the needs and expectations of our employees.

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